Sendlane Autoresponder Review

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Sendlane Autoresponder

Optomized Timing

This is something that I have never heard of before. What this is, after about 3 emails sent to any one particular subscriber opens your email, optimized timing becomes avaiable to you in your campaigns. Somehow it recognizes the open patterns of a subscriber and only sends out an autoresponder email during that space and time.

Hybrid Thank You Pages

The drag and drop functionality of Sendlane’s landing pages are easy to manipulate though there is a small learning curve to overcome. Once you get the hang of using the software, you’ll be able to design some pretty nice, modern optin pages. The hybrid thank you page does more than just one thing. For example, I created one that gives away a free book download (set at the top) but also offers an unannounced bonus video at the bottom. These have tested to perform better in split testing.