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Pro Upgrade

Here is what you get with the optional Build My List Pro Upgrade:

There is a One Time Payment of $98.00

BML Headliner Software

  • +20 (10 inside of Step 4) Done With You Businesses – ┬áNot Done For You, but Done With You Businesses. Jimmy believes you won’t learn anything if they do it for you.
  • BML Headliner – This is cool peice of software LOADED with tons of headlines that Jimmy and his friends have used in the past. All you need to do is type in some keywords and it churns out headlines based on your input. Nice to see this put into action.
  • 100% Commissions with Special Code – You only get 50% commissions in the basic level of Build My List
  • $25K Case Study Revealed – This is the full and complete version of this case study and not the snippets of it that you can find on Youtube.

BML 100% Commission Link

Elite Upgrade

Here is wha tyou get with the optional Build My List Elite Upgrade:

There is a One Time Payment of $97.00 –┬áThis gives you access to the Elite Inner Circle – You get premium access to Jimmy Kim and his team.

Build My List Elite 200 students

  • 10 Week intensive bootcamp – you’ll learn to master the top 3 Top traffic strategies for building a responsive list of 10,000+
  • Personalized Business Review – Jimmy will dicect your business and help you turn it into a profitable online business.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group for Elite members ONLY. Networking and masterminding are the easiest ways to fast track your success.
  • VIP Support – Elite members get priority support before everyone essentially. Jimmy has trained 3 people to make money with his system and they are only allowed to respond to Elite member tickets. Responses usually in 3 hours or less. Open to 200 students.