Build My List Is Vital To List Building

Most people coming online to make money aren’t aware that email marketing is the core component to having any long term success online. This is exactly what Build My List teaches you. I have personally done a lot of different types of “make money online” things and email marketing has always been in the forefront of each of those endeavors.

Now this isn’t to say that you cannot make money from the internet if you absolutely don’t out any emails. But you need to understand that every major player in the make money from home space in most any niche has relied on list building as their life’s blood!

Before the internetHere’s a very interesting fact that you probably weren’t aware of. And that’s long before the internet came around (some of you reading this just said what!?) Yep, that’s right, the internet wasn’t always here. But all the big companies back in the day all accumulated huge lists of names and numbers of every person who ever walked through their doors.

That’s how they knew just where to send all that junk mail that even to this day continues to flood my mailbox. I leave all of it in my mailbox until I have a large enough stack to walk to the dumpster with it. I sift through it to get my important stuff. haha

I’ll be seeing on my next Build My List post.


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