Build My List 2.0 Review

build my list 2.0 logoHey, Met here, this will indeed be one of the only solid reviews you’ll find on Build My List by product creator Jimmy Kim.

Please note that this is my uncensored review on my feeling about this program.  So if you’re looking for the actual Build My List website click here.

What’s the reason for this review? Well it’s two-fold. 1. Is as of the time of this writing, I haven’t found any serious reviews of BML other than the usual barrage of 2 minute long videos from anyone and everyone trying to capitalize on affiliate commission from people truly looking for more information about this system. Don’t get me wrong, I do that too, but these days, I only do that on products I actually have purchased beforehand.

My second reason is I’ve been reviewing products and services for over 4 years., I have over 10 review sites raking out there now and I enjoy it!

Continued from the Jimmy Kim story…

Low and behold, it begins to work! Jimmy admits that he took the long road. No one was teaching it the way he’s doing it today with the Build My List Method.
Around 2013 or so was when everything just clicked! This was the same time Jimmy Kim crossed the 7 figure net income! WOW. From that point he simply continued to scale up from there.

Marketing Through Email

Sendlane Autoresponder

NEXT, he and his business partners went on to create SendLane – an autoresponder software that I must admit, I’m seriously considering switching my service over to there. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now, since I have use of it for 90 days free. The only thing that this doesn’t have that’s not really all that important to me anyways is video email. SIDE NOTE: I figured out a way to do video email inside Sendlane.

Autoresponders are necessary for list building. …And that is the core strategy covered in Build My List 2.0. Building strong autoresponder campaigns is taught by Jimmy and Tim Donnovan inside this product. It all starts with Know, Like and Trust or relationship building. To learn more about Sendlane – read the review.

“He Who Has The Biggest List Wins”

Here’s what I like most about BML:

  • It’s a product  promoted by internet marketers currently in the trenches who are still actively doing email marketing
  • Sendlane – also a product built by digital marketers like myself, so they understand what we online marketers are trying to do. Not all autoresponder companies like what we do.
  • The ridiculously low price of $47.00 to get started in your own online business and immediately list build the way the suggest
  • This 2.0 version has a nice flow to it. It’s easy to follow for new people who are just beginning simply by going over the video modules
  • Oh, and I also like the support of Build My List – they’re pretty responsive.
  • The private Facebook community is pretty good and getting better all the time. These groups are only as good as the members are who participate and contribute to them. Here’s some suggestions I offered on someone’s squeeze page below…  Facebook Community Help

Build My List Review Facebook Community

Here’s what I don’t like or I feel needs improvement:

  • Though all the videos load very fast, they are lacking the clarity in visual quality that I’m accustomed to seeing in products at any price point.
  • I’m thinking… I will have to come back to this list
  • The autoresponder “Sendlane” does work well though it is a little finiky when creating a Thank you or Landing page. You can witness this in the training as Jimmy is having to toil with it live. Having said that, I like Sendlane better than the provider I’ve been using for the past 4+ years and really considering the move. Like anything else – you have to get in there and play with it until you get the hang of it.

Final thoughts:

I’ve gone through this entire course in a few days because I was determined to get it done and to gain a quick sense of what this course had to offer. After that, I went through it a second time, only this time I did so methodically.

I already have experience with building an email database, I feel Build My List is an excellent resource for those looking to get started with building a list. Granted, you may need to watch the video trainings more than once to grasp everything you’re learning. It’s structured well enough to consume in bit size peices.

When I factor in all the bonuses, giveaways etc. that you get when you upgrade to the PRO, and or ELITE levels. See Helpful Article page for details.

You also get unique tools:

  • BML Headliner – This is a pretty clever peice of software that generates instant headlines/subject lines for your emails
  • Daily Power Calls – These calls typically lasts under 30 minutes but they are motivational in tone designed to inspire you to take action.
  • BML Brander Tool – allows you to brand all the giveaways with your name and affiliate links

I warned you above that this would be a detailed review and this turned out to be a lengthly one. That’s because I wanted to cover everything. I would have to give my go ahead on this Build My List course. It’s a safe way to go if you’re interested in making money from home off the internet. This is not a get rich quick system. You have to start at the beginning but you can scale it as fast as you want.

Feel free to leave a comment.

Met Rivers

Jimmy Kim – Co-creator of Build My List

Jimmy Kim along with Tim Donovan

Why List Building Is Important:
1. Becomes a tangible asset
2. Gives you the ability to make money on demand
3. Gives you leverage –
4. Provides for a sustainable income

This brings to mind a survey I heard of about, out of 100 6, 7, & 8-Figure online earners. They were asked if you had to give up eveything and only keep one thing in your business – what would it be? The result was something like 96% all said they would keep their email customer list.

Jimmy Kim The Maketer Story

Jimmy Kim photoThis is a quick bio of the co-creator of Build My List Jimmy Kim. Always an entrepreneur even as a kid, Jimmy pursued in the direction of some type of business that interested him at the time. whether it be washing cars to a lemonade stand.

However, his love of cars (Volkswagons mostly) drew him to that industry. This is a similar story I heard before but of someone I know personally only not as impressive as Jimmy’s. You see Jimmy did start out washing cars then on to selling cars and became quite good fast and was dubbed “top sales guy.”

But peep the progression of his rise in this dealership. At age 20 he moved up to slaes manager, from there the general sales manager. Let’s stop right there for just a second and take that in. Heck, I’m very impressed with that alone! Jimmy does not stop there., he went on to become finance maager to finance director, and at the very young age of 25 became the youngest general manager in all of General Motors at the time. That’s a meteoric rise!General Motors files for bankruptcy

Back then you may be aware that the auto industry was experiencing some turbulent time to say the least. Saturn was bankrupt so Jimmy had to figure out what was coming next. Well, those owners then decided they were going to open up a KIA dealership and wanted Jimmy to head that up plus become part owner. He was making a sweet multi six figures for all his hard work but he actually turned down that offer.

As with anything else, we all come to a fork in the road.

It was no different with Jimmy. He dicided it was time to move on, so at the ripe old age of 28 he gingerly dove into a whole new arena. One of Jimmy’s good friends happened to be a top, very well known email marketer. Though Jimmy had no idea what that really entailed, he figured it was something spammy.

He asked for him to show him me what you do. Jimmy shadowed him for a bit, but wasn’t really getting it… It took Jimmy close to 12-18 months to really get it going from scratch. The big decision was to move forward with email marketing full throttle, and that’s what he did.

Ultimately, let me give you another statistic that will sure to “wow” you – or it should. Jimmy Kim is responsible for over $50,000,000 in online product sales! To clarify a bit… He’s been apart of some of the biggest product launches in the world that has occurred in the last 6 years or so.

Watch This Interview With Jimmy Below

Click Here For Build My List 2.0 Official Website

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Build My List Is Vital To List Building

Most people coming online to make money aren’t aware that email marketing is the core component to having any long term success online. This is exactly what Build My List teaches you. I have personally done a lot of different types of “make money online” things and email marketing has always been in the forefront of each of those endeavors.

Now this isn’t to say that you cannot make money from the internet if you absolutely don’t out any emails. But you need to understand that every major player in the make money from home space in most any niche has relied on list building as their life’s blood!

Before the internetHere’s a very interesting fact that you probably weren’t aware of. And that’s long before the internet came around (some of you reading this just said what!?) Yep, that’s right, the internet wasn’t always here. But all the big companies back in the day all accumulated huge lists of names and numbers of every person who ever walked through their doors.

That’s how they knew just where to send all that junk mail that even to this day continues to flood my mailbox. I leave all of it in my mailbox until I have a large enough stack to walk to the dumpster with it. I sift through it to get my important stuff. haha

I’ll be seeing on my next Build My List post.